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…a top-flight training program that starts where all other Mobile programs leave off.

Step-by-Step Mobile is an exclusive series of strategy sessions covering only the core essentials you need to know to make money.
Step-by-Step Mobile does not repeat anything you’ve learned elsewhere, instead it delves deep into the “What’s New” and “How” of Mobile Marketing. It makes the seemingly complex; step-by-step simple. And you should expect nothing less, from the Mobile marketing juggernaut… Dan Hollings.

But Do You Qualify?

You already know all your customers have mobile phones and are literally addicted to their mobile devices.
You already know mobile users 3 times more likely to buy your stuff than PC users.
You already know that Mobile is on the verge of eclipsing the internet.
You already know that some companies are making billions in less than a year.
You already know that Mobile marketing is no longer option.
If you already know these facts, then Step-by-Step Mobile is YOUR ticket to implementation.
Each session will cut-to-the-chase, revealing from ONE to THREE strategies in intimate detail that you can implement immediately (for yourself or your client).

Mobile Is for Everyone

Business Owners

Marketing Consultants




Real Estate Professional

Unemployed but willing work

10 Step-by-Step Sessions

In each session, Dan will map out a clear blueprint from the Step-by-Step Topic List
  1. Mobile Coupons Step By Step:
    Create Your Own Mini-Groupon
  2. Mobile APPs Step By Step:
    Build it, Promote it and Profit
  3. QR Codes Step By Step:
    Fast Cash in a Snap
  4. mCommerce Step By Step:
    The Buck Stops Here
  5. Mobile SEO Step By Step:
    Beyond Rank Amateurs
  6. Mobile Social Step By Step:
    Twitter & Facebook Strategies.
  7. Kindle / iPad Step By Step:
    Kindle Kash & iPad Profits.
  8. Mobile Landing Pages Step By Step:
    Magic, Mojo & Money.
  9. Authors Go Mobile Step By Step:
    To be or not to be Mobile – that is the question.
  10. Mobile Affiliate Marketing Step By Step:
    The Next Big Big Thing.

Is this topic list etched in stone?

Hell no! At the pace Mobile is moving, the most powerful strategy could be something no one has even heard of today. If it’s new, if it’s cool, if it has the potential to put money in your pocket…it will become a topic in Step-by-Step Mobile – GUARANTEED.
You’ll learn Mobile strategies from at least 10 topics presented in 10 one hour sessions.  Live sessions will occur every couple of weeks giving you time to test, tweak and engage -OR- you’ll gain access to recorded sessions to absorb at your convenience.
GOT QUESTIONS? Yes, Dan will always make time for your personal questions.


No previous marketing experience is required

No previous mobile training program is required

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Perhaps you were sleeping when this happened, but an amazing new marketing technology has consumers totally mesmerized. It’s become viral, social, mobile and profitable. It drives foot traffic, web traffic and mobile traffic. Best of all it cost ZERO to implement.

We’re talking 2D Barcodes or what many call “QR Codes.” While all your competitors are out to pasture, this could become your cash cow for 2011. Dan Hollings leaves nothing out of his “MARKETERS GUIDE TO QR CODES.” Available only in the members area, but yours free when you attend our live webinar.

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